Friday, February 15, 2008

Much has changed since last I wrote...

So about halfway through January, things started to happen. I don't really know how to explain it but multiple factors were involved and there was drama, and I often found myself stuck in the middle. January 22 I came home from work and my wonderful roommate Eva told me that she was really having a tough time here and that she would probably be leaving. I was of course very shocked and saddened by this news, but she said she would probably still be here for a few weeks. Missy and Amy and I were planning to do special music for church the next day, so after I composed myself I went and knocked on their door to see when they wanted to practice. Missy silently opened the door and pulled me inside. Then she told me that she would be returning home the next Tuesday. Wow. Ouch. Double hit. I totally lost it. My poor eyes.

Anyway that was the start of a very tough but meaningful weekend. We went to church (but we didn't do special music since all three of us were feeling quite emotionally fragile), and then afterwards Amy, Missy, Bev, John and I went to Capricciosa's for lunch. The best part was taking the youth on a hike to Forbidden. It was so much fun! We went to this little underground pool/cave thing and it was so awesome! I couldn't believe I had never been in there before, it was incredible. Here are a few pictures from the hike (there aren't very many because I was too busy having fun to take pictures).

We ended our excursion by having a sunset devotional on Mt. Topachau (I'm still not sure how to spell that), and Missy individually told all the kids that she was leaving. Oh man. Sad.
Afterwards, I went out to crepes with Mai, Jess, Judith, and the Piersons. It was really good because it made me realize that even though 2 of the people with whom I shared much of my life with were leaving, it would be ok because they would all still be here.

Thanks friends!

On Sunday we went diving for the last time all together at Lao Lao. It was a good time as always. Monday was sad knowing that Missy was leaving the next day, and on Tuesday I woke up at 3am to say goodbye. :(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Written like halfway through January...

I used to blog every week back when nothing really was going on, but now I am too busy doing fun and interesting things to write about them! But I’ll try to at least record a brief report of the past month of my life

The preschool put on a mini-musical called ‘The Littlest Christmas Tree.’ It was so adorable! The kids looked so cute in their costumes (which included bunnies, deer, birds, and trees) and they sang so well (for 2-4 year olds anyway)! The elementary school’s production was also really well done, it was a great program overall!

We got 2 new ESL teachers from the Phillipines, Antonee and Girlie. Our school does a ‘winter ESL’ program and a lot of students come from Korea for a few months to attend. It

I went to Pohnpei for Christmas break. It was so awesome to see you Katie! I had an awesome time riding in the back of the truck, hiking/climbing, carving ivorynut, diving/riding in the boat and just hanging out at the compound. It went way too fast of course, and I was sad to leave.

But I was super excited because my family came to visit me! They got here a day after I got back. Words cannot describe how incredibly fun it was to have them here, so maybe these pictures can do better.

This week I lucked out and didn’t end up going back to work until Wednesday. So on Monday I cleaned up the disaster that was my apartment and on Tuesday Missy and I spent the day relaxing at the spa. Afterward, the preschool staff had our meeting at Taco Bell, which was a good time! It was actually kind of nice to go back to work. I missed my kids! Another fun thing that happened on Wednesday was that my wonderful neighbors Missy and Amy hosted a fondue party (mmmm…..) and we watched Chocolat.

On Friday, Amy and I went snorkeling and we saw an eagle ray!

Saturday after church we had a potluck to welcome our newest teacher, Cornell. He’s an older Australian gentleman and he’s taught on a bunch of different islands, he’s a cool guy.

Sunday was our school’s Walk-A-Thon. We are trying to raise money for a new school building.

Right now in my class we are talking about plants, so it’s really fun coming up with activities for that. We are watching our beans sprouting (in plastic bags taped to the window, but hey, they still think it’s cool) and learning the names and functions of the basic parts of a plant. I brought in a coconut sapling (isn’t that what you call baby trees? It doesn’t sound quite right in this context but oh well). You know, the ones that are sprouting right out of the coconut. My kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. You’d think they’d never seen a palm tree before or something. That’s what I love about kids- they are so enthusiastic even about seemingly ordinary things.
Last night was the preschool’s Family Night. We had it at Kilili Beach park. There was a pretty good turnout. We had a potluck and played games. I think the kids had a lot of fun, we had a bounce house and we were also right next to the playground.

I am halfway done with the school year! I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. I have to admit, I’m a little on the sad side. I mean, it will be nice to live near my family and friends again, but I’m going to miss my Saipan family/friends so much! I don’t want to think about it. I am just going to try to make the most of each moment I have left here. I hope it doesn’t go to fast, but usually the last half of things tends to go faster than the first half. I guess the first half has gone kind of fast, but it also feels like I’ve been here forever. I don’t know how that works but whatever.

Plus, I feel like when I finally get the hang of being a teacher, the school year will be over…