Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crikey! I'm 21!

Judith made me an awesome birthday card!

Yay happy birthday to me! To celebrate the momentous occasion we went to dinner at Spicy Thai mmmmm! We went the night before my actual birthday because on my actual birthday, the eighth grade class plus sponsors plus me and Amy flew to Australia for a week! (more about that later!)Judith and Mai!

Me and Amy!

Jessica and Michael! (Michael came to visit from Cali for spring break)

Also Bev was there but she escaped my pictures somehow. Also the reason why my smile looks kind of tired is because I was sick.
Thursday, my birthday, was the last day of school before spring break. I woke up feverish and I slept in the nap room at work all morning, but I managed to revive for the party (thank you drugs). We had a big celebration that was a birthday party for me and two of my kids that were having birthdays during spring break, plus a goodbye party for a student who was moving to Japan. We ended up having pizza and two cakes! Thanks parents! The kids were so excited.

Yay, they're 5 years old!

"OK guys, look this, over here....stop fighting!....come on, big smile...ok just take the picture...."

One last picture before she goes to Japan:(...we miss her in our class!

There's never a dull moment in my classroom, especially with these two!

Also my mom surprised me by calling me at work to wish me happy birthday! Thanks Mommy!

At like 1pm me and Amy left work and rushed to the airport to head off to the land of Aus. We made it to Guam without mishap but then our flight to Cairns was delayed so we got to spend some quality time together in the airport. We were entertained by watching this couple doing gymnastics or yoga or something right in the middle of the airport. I guess that's one way to make use of the waiting time.
Mai-Rhea makes good use of our wait by reading the latest book of our book club.

Passing the time in the airport with a triple camera duel. (but wait, doesn't the word 'duel' indicate two sides? hmmmm....)

Amy and the Maycocks, clearly thrilled to be chillin' in Guam International Airport.

The boys sat like all the way at the other end from the rest of the group...fine, I see how it is...

Stay tuned for the thrilling retelling of the adventures of this fantastic trip! Actually, if you really want read a thrilling retelling of the adventures, go to Mai and Sean's blogs. Seriously. But I will be posting my own (much less eloquent) version of the vacation soon.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

An entry long overdue!

Ok, I realized that my last blog was kind of depressing. But that's not how it actually is around here. I have so many blessings in my life and a lot to be happy about, every single day. Here are some of the highlights of my life for the last few months/weeks (not necessarily in chronological order).
Preschool Field Trip to Saipan Botanical Gardens (Jan) !

Weekend at Managaha with the school (Feb) !

Preschool Field Trip to the Zoo (March) !

Having fun with friends (whenever possible) !
Sorry I've been horrible at updating this thing, I'm going to try to cram it all in though, just wait!
Saipanism of the Day: The phrase of recent times is "Nothing power!" which means that we are having yet another power outage thanks to CUC, the island's utility company, not paying for its fuel or something, I don't quite gather the whole situation. All I know is that there is nothing power or sometimes nothing water also. And it's a pain. Especially nothing water.