Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Summer Thusfar

This summer has been one of much change and much studying, but also a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of what I've been up to so far this summer since coming back from Saipan.
Congratulations Randi! I was so glad I made it back in time for her graduation.

Me and new puppy Harley on our way up to Walla Walla
Cousins! We all met up in Walla Walla to see Allegra (2nd from left) graduate from WWU.

My new home at LLU

My roomate Liz and I

My friend and roommate from Saipan, Jess! I'm so happy she lives near me!

One of my anatomy professors presenting us with a visual aid of the internal organs...

This pretty much sums up the first seven weeks of summer for me...studying for


Some of my lovely fellow OT friends model the their scrubs in front of the anatomy lab

Saipan Reunion number 1! We got together for dinner with the Piersons, visiting from Saipan. It was so awesome to get together with some of my dear Saipan family, I'm sure missing them all...

Some of my friends and I got pedicures to celebrate the end of anatomy!

I've been to the beach a few times this summer. Of course it's much different from Saipan beaches (WAY colder and more crowded, to name a few differences...) but it's still super fun. This is my friend Kelsey catching a football at the beach on one of many Sabbath afternoon beach days.

Saipan Reunion number 2! This time us Loma Linda Saipanese people got to see Mai! It was so good to see her!

Liz, me, and Mandi went to L.A. to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center. It was really cool! If you haven't heard of it, basically it is a combination of art and science-it features cadavers that have been meticulously dissected and then plasticized. The bodies are posed in active life-like positions, like dancers and acrobats. There was even a plasticized giraffe and an ostrich! (

Venice Beach

Ever heard of the TV show 'Wipeout'? I hadn't either until we came across the set where they were filming their season finale. We got to be part of their 'live audience.' I guess it's this show on ABC where people injure and make fools of themselves trying to make money.

Well that's a pretty good representation of my summer...except it might appear that I spent more time having fun than in school. Let me just set the record does in fact take a lot of time and work to be a functional student in a professional program. Just so you know. I took anatomy for 7 weeks, and I've been taking 'real' OT classes for the past 4 weeks and next week is finals! Craziness. Then I get to go home for 2 weeks yay.

Saipan people-don't worry, I think about you guys every single day! When the studying is done (for now...), and life slows down for a moment, my mind always travels to that little green speck of land in the bright blue sea where I lived and loved for 10 months (sorry, I'm neither the most profound nor original writer ever, but the sentiment is genuine and heartfelt). Whether you're still there or have had to leave like I have, I hope life is going well and you are finding happiness and success. I love you so much!