Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the States

I wrote this blog a few days after I got home. I've been avoiding blogging because I still don't want it to be real-the fact that I am no longer there on that warm, beautiful, diverse island with adorable children and a great family of friends and coworkers. But alas, it is so.
June 8 2008
It was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Leaving Saipan was and is still incredibly painful. Nobody here really gets it. They're all like "I bet you're so glad to be home" and I'm like "well I guess so....but I really loved it where I was." My first night at home, I wept bitterly into my pillow far into the wee hours of the morning, thinking 'I don't want to be here right now!' Each day is a little better though. I am so glad that my family came to visit me. Not just because I got to see them, but because now they know all the places and people that I'm always talking about. Saipan is pretty much all I talk about right now, everyone is probably really sick of hearing about it. 'In Saipan, we did this, in Saipan we had that, wow, you can't find these in Saipan, gas was way more expensive in Saipan, etc. etc. etc.' Well, I guess that's just how it's going to be for a while, until I start talking about anatomy. I'm glad that my family is pretty understanding of my antisocial-ness, lethargy, and non-stop reminescing. But it's not very fun. I'm seeing all my old friends again, and that definately perks me up again. But it sucks because I just see them long enough to remember how much I missed them, and then I have to leave again. I only have 3 more days left here at home. But at least I'm going up to Walla Walla for the weekend, so I'll see some of my friends from up there. Except for it will be the same situation.
My sister graduated from high school this weekend. It's been fun seeing her and her class all grown up and stuff. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It is weird being with so many people though. I feel so awkward around everyone. I don't really have anything to say except "Yeah, Saipan was great, it was awesome, yeah, now I'm going to go to school in Loma Linda, what are you up to these days?" Bleh. I am glad that Katie and I have each other. Even though our experiences were very different, just the fact that we both went to Pacific islands and worked with children gives us a bit of understanding toward each other. We have been comparing stories and reminescing about island life.

Lookin' good after nearly 24 hours of travel :) Katie (and Harley) came with my mom to meet me at the airport in Sacramento. We're both sporting our island T-shirts.