Saturday, December 15, 2007

December (so far)

It's December! It totally does NOT feel Christmasy around here. I feel like it's permanently summer. They try though-stores have out their lights and Christmas decorations. It feels like a joke to me. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about Christmas too-I am having my students make all sorts of Christmas decorations and stuff too, it's fun.

The student that I consider the most challenging moved to California. Even though the classroom is more peaceful without her, I was sad to see her go because we had invested so much time and effort into teaching her. I hope that she will continue being guided in behaving appropriately because if she is not, she is going to have major problems as she gets older. One of the kids at school got lice, so we had to check all the kids' heads. We didn't find any cases that day, but the worst was to come...

December 1 was the school's talent show and I have to say it was the funniest, cutest talent show I've ever seen, with the talents ranging from jump-roping to poetry to Tae Kwon Do to somersaults. Me and Ana were one of the 2 musical acts, we did a uke/guitar version of a Norah Jones song.

The next day, Missy and I went diving with Ken and Crystal and Mark and Tammi to Obyan, and it was amazing! The visibility was awesome and there was so much to see. We even saw a pretty big octupus! So the day started out awesome, but it quickly took a turn for the worst when, after diving, I discovered that I had become the new host for the little creatures that my students brought to school with them in their hair. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! I was having a minor meltdown when Eva came home. I was afraid she might get freaked out, but she just whipped out the lice removing kit that she had so intelligently brought from home. After I used it I washed every fabric thing in our apartment and bleached the heck out of the rest of it. So that was an interesting experience that I would not care to have again. I haven't worn my hair down to school since then!

So even though the month started out with some not-so-greatness, it's been going pretty well. Especially since I get to go to Pohnpei next week, and then my family comes! Yay!

Saipanism of the Day
ever since: 'a long time' or 'since forever' or something
For example our car is so's been around ever since. (A true statement, I'm afraid.)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Part II

Here are the notes I jotted (is jotted a word? Hmmmm....)down last week about what I wanted to write in my blog. I will try to fill them in...

Missy brought me a sweet hat from the Phillipines.

The disappointment of Taco Bell-So, the sign said 'open' but really just KFC is open, not Taco Bell. And they wouldn't even sell me just plain biscuits, those bums.

Movie Night-I went to dinner with Judith, Mai, and Jessica and then we watched 'You've Got Mail' at the compound, it was a good time, yay chick flicks

The Beach Cleanup-There is this group here called Beautify CNMI and they do things like picking up trash and stuff. Last Sunday they did a beach/underwater cleanup and so I got to dive, yay! Except it was only like 10 feet deep and the water was really gross.

A Most Unusual Prize-The people in charge of the beach cleanup had hidden golf balls around the cleanup site and if you found one you got a prize. I found one, and guess what I won-a $25 gift certificate to a pharmacy! Try not to be too jealous.

Amy and Missy's Sweet Deal-My lovely neighbors and friends were planning to go to China for Thanksgiving, but the couldn't get their visas in time. They decided to go to Tokyo instead. They were supposed to leave on Wednesday but their flight was overbooked. They got a free night at the Hyatt as well as a free flight to Tokyo the next morning. As if this weren't enough, they also get an additional free flight anywhere in the Asia/Pacific region. I hung out with them at their hotel for awhile, and it was super touristy and beautiful. It's an aspect of the island that I don't really see every day, so it was fun. I also got to take a bath in their bathtub while they were at dinner!

The Turkey Trot-Where were you at 5:30am Thanksgiving morning? Well, call me crazy, but I was getting ready to embark on a 4-plus mile all-uphill run (well it ended up being more of a walk-jog for me). I was so nervous-I've never run more than about 2 miles at a time before in my life! I didn't train or anything. I thought I was going to die, but it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. I mean, I definately didn't run the whole way, but I made it to the top alive, and that was all I wanted. It also helped me not feel guilty about eating as much as I wanted at Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving-This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. Although I did miss them, I had a great holiday with wonderful people here. The food was of course amazing, and I found out that I actually can cook if I have to. The company was the best-I am so lucky to be here with all these awesome people! I enjoyed my Friday off of work by going to the beach for some R and R as well as the three S's-snorkeling, sunbathing and shell hunting. Yay vacation!

I can't wait to go to Pohnpei for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!